Health Advantages of Sustainable Mobility

Sustainable mobility may be seen to some as just a local government campaign to make them look good and save money. However, there are personal advantages to each person that becomes mobile in a more sustainable way. One of those big advantages is health benefits and none of us can take our health for granted.


If we choose to walk or cycle rather than using our cars, then we will be exercising. Both types of exercise are unlikely to cause injury and are safe for most people to do. Walking is free of charge as well and if you already have a bicycle, then cycling will be too. By doing short journeys, perhaps to local shops or visiting friends, using these means, you will start to build up your fitness levels. If you are going further and use a bus or train, you will still have to walk to the station or bus stop and then onwards to your destination and this will also help you to get more exercise.

Exercise benefits us in many ways. Not only does it help to keep us slimmer, burning calories and reduce fat but it also helps exercise the heart and muscles and it has been found that people who exercise live longer. There is also evidence that sitting for long periods is not healthy for us. Getting up and walking takes motivation and energy though, but the more you do, the easier it seems to become. Forming a habit of walking more can lead to you doing it even more and therefore getting more and more healthy. You could be helping to improve the health of your whole family if you refuse to drive them places and make them walk.

children walking

Many children do not walk to school any more, but a generation ago, driving to school was rare. If you get them walking each school day, twice a day, they will grow up much fitter. Walking strengthens bones and it is thought that building them up as children can be crucial in preventing bone disease as adults and so you will be benefitting them massively if you get them walking. Hopefully it will be a habit that they will continue as they grow up and when they have children and so your family will have generations of fit and healthy people in it.

There are other advantages to our health as well, with regards to reduced pollution. By driving less, we are polluting the air less and this means that the air we breathe, as individuals is cleaner. Although research is fairly new in this area, there have already been links to some diseases and pollution. This means that you could be improving you and your family’s health by reducing the pollution in your local area. It may even be that you have individuals in your family that are already suffering with problems due to pollution and you could help to reduce those problems by driving less.