Vietnam is home to the best IT developers

Vietnam is the ideal place to find IT developers. In recent years, the Vietnamese government has developed the information and technology sector faster and become the new unicorn of Southeast Asia. The young population is joining the workforce and studying IT careers. The market has attractive labor costs, a stable environment, and low taxes. Vietnam should be on top of your list for businesses in the technology industry.

Check what makes Vietnam the right place to set up your IT business and find developers to help you.

Vietnam it developers


Vietnam – a new destination

Vietnam is an incredible place to do business, especially in Ho Chi Minh City, the biggest city. The vibrant site is famous for its lifestyle, cafés, bars, and busy nightlife. The young population in Vietnam attracts investors as they are eager to learn and grow as professionals. IT has taken the position as the most prominent business sector in Vietnam. It includes services in E-commerce, Fintech, High-Tech  (AI/ML, loT, Blockchain), Education technology, and software outsourcing. Other industries trusting the IT sector include food delivery, healthcare, online travel, and business services.

Every year, Vietnam sees over 50,000 IT students graduating from 153 universities. The IT rankings show that Vietnam ranks top 29 in skill value, 6th place on top coder, and top 23 in hacker rank. Vietnam has an incredible opportunity in human resources and other factors, making it an ideal country for international technology corporations. Some of them have decided to open offices in Vietnam, like Samsung, Hindustan Computers Limited, and LG.

Vietnam IT talent pool

Most Vietnamese IT developers started to learn about coding at an early age. In many secondary schools, students learn about coding from grade 8. For this reason, once they graduate from university, they have years of experience in development and can lead projects. Also, 70% of Vietnamese IT developers are between 20 and 34 years old and are part of the Millennial and Generation Z. They are young, dynamic, open to expanding knowledge, and adaptable to changes and technologies. Almost 100% of IT developers live in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh, and Da Nang, the biggest cities in Vietnam. They can take opportunities to study and work efficiently. Senior IT developers represent 33% of the market, while Junior IT developers represent 55%. They learn development and expect a clear career path and chances to continue to grow wherever they are.

The Vietnamese government is also cooperating with private enterprises to offer short-term courses to young people focusing on the latest technologies. Vietnamese IT developers no longer have language skills limitations as most already know English when applying for a new job.

How do you choose the best IT human resource?

Aside from learning about the leading software companies in Vietnam, you should also look for suitable software outsourcing companies for your specific project. You must know your business and the strengths the outsourcing partner could bring. Analyze the industry, culture, and technical skills your company needs in depth. To find a reliable software outsourcing company in Vietnam, make a customized search tailored to your company’s needs. Learn about the market price and check the company’s profile. Ask for rapid prototyping tests. After evaluating those steps, you can identify the best company to help you with your business.

Vietnam eVisa

IT developers in Vietnam have the skills and experience you want in remote staff. They could push your company to the next level. Additionally, Vietnamese people are known for their high concentration. They are honest, loyal, and dedicated. They are always looking to improve themselves and have expertise in software development.

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